Reiki Training

Reiki Training is available for Reiki levels I, II and Level III also known as Master. Classes will be held as groups develop or on an individual basis.

With Reiki I, you will be given Reiki for life.  You will learn the hands on techniques, the Reiki principles and how to utilize them, and all the dynamics involved to use Reiki on yourself, on others, on your pets and even your plants!

With Reiki II, you will learn to use Reiki at a distance as well as directly.  That is without a doubt the most exciting part of Reiki II. You will learn to apply what you have learned earlier at a higher level. Your focus will be greater and this is where each individual begins to develop his or her own pace as a healer.

Reiki III is the Master level.  Here you will learn the finer points involved in Reiki and how to teach them to others. You will learn to give the attunements that you will have received when you received Reiki I and Reiki II. 

Please contact me for information regarding your Reiki Training.

Classes in Encino and Surrounding San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, California areas